Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll try to answer the most common questions we are asked by business owners looking for the best business electricity rates and most economic gas supplies, but if you don’t find the answer to what you are looking for, please get in touch with the Commercial Energy Group team and we will be happy to help.


How long will it take to switch to a new business energy supplier?

On average, the switch takes four to six week. But don’t worry, we will manage the entire process and keep you fully informed about its progress.


Will I lose my energy supply?

No. There’s no risk of this happening, as the transfer is seamless, from one energy provider to another, with no loss of supply. However, if you do have any concerns, do get in touch with the team here at Commercial Energy Group so we can update you on progress and reassure you.


Will my current provider object to me transferring to another business energy supplier?

Provided that you are giving sufficient notice ahead of the end of your current contract, and you are not in debt on the account, your current supplier should have no issue with you moving. If you are still within your contractual agreement period, we would advise you to postpone transferring to a later date. We’ll then carry out a fresh price comparison to find you the best business electricity rates, as the price may have changed due to market fluctuations.


Can you explain a rollover contract?

Alternative terms for a rollover contract are ‘evergreen’ or ‘automatic renewal’. Essentially, this is an agreement between your business and your business energy supplier that any contract will automatically carry on when it matures and remain in place until it is cancelled either by your business or by the energy supplier.
These rollover contracts are very common among business energy suppliers. If you are looking for best business electricity rates and gas rates, then be aware that if you are in a rollover period you are likely to be paying higher prices. Our advice is to ask the Commercial Energy Group team to carry out a free price comparison, opt for the most cost-effective provider and give notice when possible, to avoid entering this rollover period.


How do I avoid my business energy contract rolling over?

Here’s where we can help you. We will set a reminder to contact you when it is time to renew your energy contract, then we will look for the best prices for your business and leave enough time for you to provide notice to your current supplier.


What do MPAN and MPRN stand for?

These are common acronyms and refer to unique reference numbers for your electricity and gas supply.

• MPAN stands for ‘metering point administration number’ and relates to your electricity       supply. Also known as an S number.

• MPRN means ‘meter point reference number’ and relates to your gas supply. It’s sometimes referred to as an ‘M number’.

If you have any other questions about best business electricity rates and gas supplies for your business, or about what happens when you switch, please do not hesitate to contact the Commercial Energy Group team on 0333 305 2303.

What Our Clients say

“I was surprised at how easy it was, so simple from start to finish. The energy team were great, the gentleman I spoke to was thorough and knowledgeable and took care of everything, keeping me up to date, and above all else I now have a cheaper rate. Thanks”