Looking for cheaper business energy? Here’s how to cut those bills

Looking for cheaper business energy? Here’s how to cut those bills

Here at the Commercial Energy Group we pride ourselves on finding the most cost effective deal for your business – finding cheap business energy is in our DNA. Why not get in touch with the team and ask them to compare energy prices for you? In the meantime, there are steps you can take yourself to reduce costs, and this starts by reducing your energy usage.


How to cut your energy bills


One area to look at is the building you use to base your business. Whether you own your commercial premises or lease them, there may be measures you can take to reduce energy use.

For example, take a look at the insulation your building uses. Is it high spec? Could you make improvements? Putting extra insulation in the loft can be fairly straightforward. If possible, increase the insulation in the walls. At the same time take a look at your door and window frames to see if heat is escaping. If it is, add some draught proofing. There is a range of products at local DIY stores that you can use. You could also look at your hot water pipes and tank and, if necessary, add or improve the lagging as this will incrementally help reduce the cost of heating water. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce heat loss, so you are using less energy to keep the building warm. It may be a small step, but lots of small steps added together will make for a big difference: cheap business energy here we come!


Temperature control

We’re not for a minute suggesting your team sits in a freezing cold icebox when working, but if – during the winter months – you spot them walking around in shorts and t-shirts it’s just possible there is scope for turning the heating down.

Of course, we’re exaggerating to make a point, but if you have thermostatic control on your heating – either centrally or on each radiator – try turning it down a notch. This should make only a marginal difference to the temperature of the office, which your team can tolerate, but could have a significant impact on the amount of energy you use. In fact, a reduction of just 1 degree centigrade can cut your heating bill by up to a 10%.


Heat what you need

This is something well worth considering at your work premises. In the busy office, where people sit and work, you need a comfortable temperature. However, think about areas that are less well used – perhaps storage areas, occasional meeting rooms, the boardroom. Why heat these constantly when they are generally empty? Consider reducing the temperature here and increasing it only when they are about to be used. And don’t forget to turn the temperature back down afterwards.


Do you have a water meter?

If so, then it really does make sense to be mindful of water usage. Here are a few ways to help save water, and reduce the water bill:

  • In toilet/bathroom areas, install taps that dispense a set amount of water and can’t be left running.
  • Consider installing low water use toilets, or try popping a brick into the cistern of each loo, as this reduces the amount of water needed to fill it up each time.
  • Put up notices in communal areas such as the toilets and kitchens, reminding staff to be economical with water.
  • Make sure you have no dripping taps, especially if there is a hot tap running, which will also be guzzling energy to heat the water.
  • Update appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, to water efficient models. These will also be energy efficient which is, again, helping your goal of having cheap business energy.

Automatic timers

These are a relatively cheap investment that could really save money on your commercial energy bills. The timers would enable heating and/or hot water to come on and go off when you need them to. For example, you may want the heating on from 8am to 6pm, but not overnight or at weekends. This way, you aren’t using energy unnecessarily.


Smart meters

A smart meter will put you in control of your energy use, enabling you to save money on your commercial energy bills by adopting energy efficiency measures.

You can get smart meters for electricity, gas and water, all giving you real time information on your energy or water use. They allow you to keep an eye on energy consumption and make adjustments to help make savings.


New equipment

By upgrading equipment you can really save money. We’ve mentioned updating appliances such as your dishwasher or washing machine to more water efficient models. But think too about electrical appliances in general: newer fridges, freezers, kettles, IT equipment will all be more energy efficient. Look at your heating system and think about upgrading boilers and radiators to more eco-friendly models. At the very least, consider flushing your heating system to remove debris, as the cleaner and clearer the system is, the more efficiently it will run.


And finally…

Consider changing your gas and/or electricity supplier, so you can really benefit from cheap business energy, you will be amazed at the variations there are in price from supplier to supplier. The team here at Commercial Energy Group are on hand to carry out a free comparison for you, and you may find you can save up to 30% on your energy bills. Why not get in touch with us now and see how much you could save?

What Our Clients say

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